AC in the rental house is just not cold enough

My boyfriend Kenny and I are in a rental house.

For the most part it is a great situation. The house has lawn service and garbage pick up. We have plenty of room and a great kitchen. The downside is our landlord won’t help us one bit. The roof leaks anytime it rains. Kenny got on the phone and called the landlord. He told him about the roof multiple times and we still have gotten nothing back. That will ruin the house, but it is not our permanent house. So we are giving up on calling. The newest thing we are not giving up on. Our AC system hardly works. The heating function is a grand champion. Anytime we turn up the thermostat, the heater powers on and does a great job. We can have an evenly heated house in a matter of minutes. Anytime the weather gets hot and we want AC there is a problem. Kenny thinks it must have to do with the refrigerant. We can hear the air blowing all around the house. Every room has an air vent connected to the air ducts. The AC blows out of the vents, it is just not cold enough. We tried adding more coolant but that did not do anything. It seems to be beyond our paygrade. We both have called, emailed and texted the landlord. He has not called an air conditioner business or even told us that he is not going to. My boyfriend wants to just buy portable AC and call it a day. I am not paying extra when the house is supposed to have quality AC.


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