Pottery room with ductless HVAC and maybe an air purifier

I am retired and I finally found my hobby. I enjoy making pottery. I find it so relaxing to get my hands in the clay and actually make something. I have gotten better with shaping the clay and putting patterns in my pottery. I like it so much that I have my own pottery making room. I bought a kiln, clay and potter’s wheel. I even splurged and got myself a ductless mini split. Climate control is not totally necessary for the wet clay to harden, I have a kiln for that. I got the heating and air conditioning system just for me. In the winter I want to have heating to keep my hands from going numb with the wet clay. In the summer I really need air conditioning. The kiln puts off a ton of heat and feels like another furnace in the room. The AC is needed to battle the kiln and me constantly moving around. Since the addition to the HVAC equipment, I am a happy pottery maker. I might need to add another HVAC equipment piece though. My wife has been complaining heavily about the smell of the room. She says the clay smell is disgusting and that it leaks throughout the house. I don’t see how since I closed off the ductwork in my pottery room. But, to make my wife happy I might buy an air purifier. I can set up the air purification system in my room to clean the air quality while I make my pots. The air cleaner is meant to remove odors from the indoor air conditions.


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