As a Vegetarian, I Need Food and Fitness Counseling

As a vegetarian I find it difficult getting all my necessary vitamins that I need in my diet.

I thought I was doing a pretty great job with intaking protein plus iron in vegetables. However, my girlfriend is a meat eater plus lover, however she also feels like I can’t be healthy unless I eat meat too. I just wanted to prove to her that I can be as healthy or even healthier than her. I go to a group fitness class at the personal training center several times a week in town, because I knew that the gym offered nutritional counseling. While I was there, I scheduled a date to do nutritional counseling. I assumed I could prove my girlfriend wrong plus go about my day like normal. I spoke to the nutritionist about my diet plus she was appalled, apparently eating leafy greens veggies does give you protein, but not as much as I needed. I was also lacking in B12 plus calcium. I found the nutritional counseling helpful, plus I’m still doing it, but the nutritionist plus I came up with a diet plan that keeps my body healthy plus still vegetarian. Everytime I go to the gym now to do my fitness class then pop over to the nutritional counselor to give her an upgrade. I think better now that I’m eating a little bizarre plus taking vitamins. I notice that I’m also sleeping better, am more motivated plus I just feel more alive. I’m having more success in my fitness classes due to my energy level too. I know I’m starting to lose more weight. How awesome is this?


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