Boyfriend goes without air conditioning at night

It takes a while to really know somebody.

Even after spending a lot of time together, you still learn new things about each other for a long time! One of the main requirements of a relationship is compatibility.

It’s good to care about the same things. I have been dating a great guy named Bob. The relationship has been progressing really well. Bob and I get along great. The two of us have tons of fun whenever we do anything together and there is a lot of chemistry. For the most part, Bob and I seem to be very compatible. Last Friday night, we came across something new about each other. For the first time, I stayed over at Bob’s apartment. I was just getting comfortable in bed when Bob mentioned that he sleeps with just a sheet. He mentioned that his room gets quite hot at night. If there is something I hate, it’s being sweaty when I’m attempting to sleep. I blast the air conditioning nearly all year round. I depend on the circulation of cool air to help me fall asleep. I enjoy the sound of the air conditioning and need it to drown out other noises. I like the weight of heavy blankets on me. I prefer to set the temperature control so low that I am a bit cold when I first crawl into bed. For me, Air Conditioning is necessary. Especially since was in the summer. I absolutely have a lot of trouble sleeping at night if I’m hot and sticky. In the summer, I look forward to curling up in bed with the noise of the air conditioning. Bob’s bedroom was overheated. Plus, there was the extra heat from his big body in the bed.

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