Hot weather forces me to rely on air conditioning

I want to open the windows and welcome in some fresh air.

I am looking forward to the weather changing. The summer weather seems to have been here forever. It’s been so since we had a day that wasn’t super hot and overly humid. I can’t even remember seeing dark clouds in the sky. We haven’t had rain in forever. For the past two months straight, we’ve experienced an endless parade of hot, sticky days. The heat and humidity are getting frustrating. In the beginning, the sunny weather felt great and I was excited to spend time out in the warmth. However, after endless humid days, I’m ready for some relief. I’ve been anxious to shut down the air conditioning. Despite having a fairly energy efficient cooling unit, I’m still spending quite a bit on electric bills. I’ve attempted to seal up the house and prevent energy waste. I set the temperature on the thermostat as high as I can tolerate. I make a point to replace the air filter every few weeks. Before the weather turned hot and humid, I scheduled service from a licensed HVAC technician. He checked the inner workings, tightened electrical connections and lubricated moving parts. Because of this service, the air conditioning was running at its best. Still, the cost of operating the air conditioning is a drain on my budget. I have been waiting to turn off the air conditioning and get out from under the expense. I want to open the windows and welcome in some fresh air. The house is so stale and stuffy right now. The ventilation would help with indoor air quality. I’m worried that the hot weather might turn directly into cold weather and force me to start up of the heating system.

Cooling expert