Have you met anybody who keeps their air conditioner on within the winter

I am a high-schooler, and even I guess that our buddy is a complete idiot… Now, I guess that there are some kids our age that think that they guess everything, and occasionally, I am accused of doing the same thing, however, I have l earned a few things, and when I told our buddy that he was doing something dumb, he refused to listen… My buddy loves using an air conditioner, and he cannot sleep without the sound of his air conditioner running.

His family can’t afford to purchase a central air conditioner for their entire house, so our buddy has a window air conditioner in his room. His family has a rule that each kid is responsible for putting away their window air conditioner in the fall, however since he is lazy, he refuses to put his window air conditioner away; Instead, he leaves his window air conditioner in the window all Wintertide long, or at least, I used to think that that was the only reason that he kept this air conditioner in the room. However, when I stayed the night the last time I went to his house, I l earned that he uses his air conditioner in the middle of the winter! His parents turn the temperature control to their furnace a little higher than he would prefer, so he uses his air conditioner to cool him off. He also said that he needed the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component for the sound. He could literally open the window and use a fan, however instead, he is wasting his parent’s money. I told him that that was dumb, and he refused to listen.

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